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Archive for July 2014

Who has the best Breakfast in Oswego, NY?

Breakfast in Oswego, NY

Are you on the search for the best breakfast in Oswego, NY?

Our map of the restaurants where you can get Breakfitz in Oswego. And we’re asking you to recommend your favorites!!!

Zoom in or out, and pan around the map to find restaurants marked on the map. By clicking on a marked point, you will bring up the businesses address, a short description, and a web address.

You can even open this up on your phone and use it while walking around town, maybe even when you are trying to decide where to go to breakfast in Oswego, NY!




By clicking the icon in the top right corner of the map shown on this page to be brought to a full screen version.


Do you have any suggestions for places we should add to this interactive map? Let us know!



Ask Christine: How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen

_0001_Christine_TombolilloHeadshotWho hasn’t had a cupboard full of Tupperware come crashing down on their head?  And don’t we all have a drawer in our kitchen that holds every scrap of paper and useless knickknack we have ever owned?  While kitchen clutter may be a universal truth, it can also make using your kitchen a time consuming and frustrating task. 

Though decluttering your kitchen may seem like an equally unpleasant job, a few simple tricks can get it organized and keep it that way. Our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson, Christine Tombolillo, tackles how to declutter your kitchen in this week’s Ask Christine!



Hanging Pictures 101 with Christine


When de_0001_Christine_TombolilloHeadshotcorating your home, hanging pictures can be a hassle. This week, our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson, Christine Tombolillo has some great tips and tricks for hanging pictures and other art on your walls.


Hanging Pictures 101

A home is a place where we create precious memories with those that we love, which is why photos are a big part of what makes a house into a home.  Pictures have a way of transporting you to another time and place through memories that are forever recorded and can be framed for all to see.  If yohanging pucturesu are hanging pictures in your home, make sure that you keep in mind a few simple tips to keep your images picture perfect. 


OPEN HOUSE- 2 Lynian Way, Oswego- Sunday, July 20th

Open House- 2 Lynian Way, Oswego


Open House!!!


Where: 2 Lynian Way – Oswego, NY 13126

Open House- 2 Lynian Way Oswego

When: Sunday, July 20, 2014

1-3 pm


Now at a new, lower price of $282,800!


Heroes Challenge added to the Oswego Dragon Festival Schedule

Oswego Dragon Festival 2014 Logo

 Oswego Dragon Festival News


This year, the Oswego Dragon Festival is adding a new and exciting event to its already fun-filled schedule, The Heroes Challenge!

This event takes place the night before the festival, Friday, September 5. The Heroes Challenge is a race between four teams made up of our community heroes and their families and friends.  The Oswego Police Department, The Oswego Fire Department, SUNY Oswego University Police and SAVAC, and the US Coast Guard will be participating in this event and will paddle to raise money for the Oswego YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign.  At least half of each team  participating in this event are active duty police, fire, EMT, or Coast Guard.

There will be music and entertainment in Breitbeck Park before and after the Heroes Challenge race as well as a chicken barbecue. Stay tuned for more exciting information about each of these teams and about the Friday night event!

Who will win the first Oswego Dragon Festival Heroes Challenge championship???


Learn more about the Oswego Dragon Festival

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Oswego Dragon Festival 2014 Logo

Oswego Dragon Festival 2014 Logo- created by Amanda Blakely


Interior Decorating Tips with Christine


This week our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson, Christine is going to talk to you all about Interior Decorating. Her tips will help those who have experience in this area, as well as those of us who are novices, and even people who have no experience in this area.  The good news is that it doesn’t matter which category you are in because there’s always something new to be learned.  If you want to know how to add some new life to your home without spending a fortune, here is how to get started.


Interior Decorating Tips


Spruce Up Your Walls

If you need a quick and affordable way to decorate your otherwise bare walls, consider adding a square of your favorite gift wrap to a standard photo frame and hanging it on the wall.  Not only will this look great, but it will also save you a bundle of money when compared to the cost of traditional artwork.


SOLD: 59 Tallman Street, Oswego

Home for Sale - 59 Tallman Street, Oswego

Home for Sale

59 Tallman Street – Oswego, NY 13126


Cozy house with large lot in the City of Oswego

Home for Sale - 59 Tallman Street, Oswego

Home for Sale – 59 Tallman Street, Oswego


Home for Sale – 2299 County Route 7, Oswego

Home for Sale


2299 County Route 7 – Oswego, NY 13126


Nice country home for sale on 1.48 acres in the Town of Oswego


Home for Sale- 2299 Co Rt 7

2299 County Route 7, Oswego
Outside front of home