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Archive for September 2014

Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

The beauty and relaxation that your garden can provide you and your family is certainly worth all the work you put in each year.  Putting in _0001_Christine_TombolilloHeadshota little extra work at the end of the season, however, can make getting your garden ready next spring easier and can help keep your plants healthy through the winter months.  Our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson has a few great tips that will get your garden ready to handle the cold and snow.


Clean Up

Though not a favorite task of any gardener, it is a very necessary step to getting your garden ready for winter.  Remove your annuals, empty and store any pots and containers, and give your garden one last mow.  Also, raking up all those leaves is one chore all homeowners are familiar with each autumn, but they do make great mulch for your perennials and vegetable garden, and are also a great addition to your compost. (more…)

Defining Spaces in a Large Room- Ask Christine

Defining Spaces

Defining Spaces In A Large Room

_0001_Christine_TombolilloHeadshotWhile open-concept homes seem to be the popular trend in the home construction industry, sometimes decorating for large spaces can be a challenge.  The flexibility of a large living-dining-kitchen space can allow you to enjoy more time with your family and entertain with ease, but creating a sense of purpose for each space while still maintaining a flow to the room requires a bit of know-how and creativity. 

You’ve got the space to do it, and here are a few of Christine’s ideas on how to define spaces in your home!



Ask Brendan- Painting Advice Tips

Painting Advice Tips

Brendan Benson’s Painting Advice Tips


Should I Use Bright And Bold Paint Colors?

Homeowners who are thinking of selling are often warned against choosing bright and bold paint colors for their walls.  These colors can be difficult to cover _0000_Brendan Headshotup, usually require a number of coats to look good, and can dramatically change the feel of a room.  If the color is not selected with a bit of planning and forethought, it can sometimes turn into a decorating nightmare. With a little forethought and Brendan’s helpful painting advice tips, you can create a beautiful space that reflects you and your family’s personality with no restrictions!

Define The Space

The colors you choose for your walls should always reflect the mood of the room.  Certain colors invoke particular moods, and can produce even physical and emotional reactions.  Being aware of this can really make your choice one you will be happy with for years to come.  For example, red stimulates appetite and so is a great choice for kitchens, while yellow stimulates creativity and may work well in an office space.


Thank you Oswego Dragon Festival Sponsors

 Thank you Oswego Dragon Festival Sponsors for all of your help and support!

Our festival wouldn’t be possible without all of the local businesses and sponsors who have helped us along the way!


Oswego Dragon Festival Sponsors

Thank you Oswego Dragon Festival Sponsors! Oswego, NY is very lucky to have such great community organizations and local businesses who are willing to lend a hand to help the Oswego YMCA’s Strong kids campaign.

We would also like to thank ZBT for being our awesome deckhands the day of the festival. and Parties Unlimited Events and Sound for keeping the day fun and the energy high with their announcing and music.

This Friday, we are hosting the first annual Heroes Challenge. Our local service organizations will be racing one another to help local children in Oswego, NY! Read more about the Heroes Challenge and the Friday night event here.

Learn more about the Oswego Dragon Festival

Find the Oswego Dragon Festival on Facebook

 or on Twitter @OswegoNYDragon


We would love to see all of you this Friday, September 5th from 5-8 pm for the Heroes Challenge, live music, and Chicken BBQ! Come on down to Breitbeck Park again on Saturday, September 6th for the 3rd annual Oswego Dragon Festival.