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Bring Summer into Your Home


The sun is finally shining brightly, fresh leaves are sprouting on the trees and beautiful flowers are bursting into bloom. In other words, Summer is finally here. With all this color abound outside, why would you want to live inside a dark and dreary home? It’s time to invite some of that outdoor light and warmth into your house with some simple Summer redecorating.

Here are a few easy ways to bid farewell to the Winter blues and bring a little Summer into your home:

Experiment with colorful décor

Add a touch of Summer colors to your home with bright throw pillows, vibrant wall décor and cheerful window treatments. All you have to do is look to nature for a few ideas. You may find inspiration in the pale green leaves, the bright blue sky and the blossoming pink, yellow and purple flowers in your yard and neighborhood.

If a particular Summer color catches your eye when you’re out for a stroll, try to incorporate it into your home décor. Even if you add a few flowery wall prints to your family room or a couple of colorful hand towels to your bathrooms and kitchen, you’ll go a long way to brightening your home.

Get painting

Painting is fairly inexpensive way to completely transform a room. All you need is a couple of gallons of paint, brushes, rollers and a few other supplies.

Although homeowners used to play it safe with white or other neutral hues, more and more people are experimenting with bold paint colors in their homes. Try to find a color that makes you feel happy or inspired. If you’re working with a tight budget, buy a small amount of the paint and test it out on one wall before you paint the entire room. If you decide it’s not the best color for the room, you can go back and buy a different color.

Get rid of the wintry drapes

While heavy drapes and window treatments can make a room feel cozy in the cold Winter months, they simply block out the beautiful sun in the Summer. Now that it’s warmer out, it’s time to take down those wintry drapes, clean them and put them in storage until next Winter. Replace them with sheer curtains in bright Summer-inspired colors. These airy fabrics will allow more light to enter your home.

You can easily and cost-effectively change the appearance of your entire living room by applying brightly colored slipcovers to your couches and chairs. You can find fairly affordable ready-made slipcovers at almost any fabric or home décor store. Toss a few pastel throw pillows on the sofa to add even more Summer color.

Put fresh flowers on display

A vase full of fresh flowers is the perfect way to add sparkle to any room. Pick a few blooms from your yard or buy a gorgeous Summer bouquet from the store and arrange them in a crystal or brightly colored vase. Place the flowers in an area where you and your guests will be sure to enjoy them, such as the kitchen or dining room.

Spruce up the bathroom

You can quickly and inexpensively redecorate your bathroom with nothing more than a new shower curtain and a couple of brightly hued towels. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, buy some Summer-themed bathroom accessories, like a flowery hand soap dispenser or toothbrush holder.

Plant a few fresh herbs in small pots and place them in a window sill where you can watch them grow. With just a little sun and water each day, herbs grow incredibly fast. Before you know it, you’ll have an abundance of fresh herbs to spice up your meals.

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