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FAQ about Staging a Property With Christine Tombolillo


FitzGibbons Real Estate now offers staging! Our real estate sales agent, Christine Tombolillo has excellent staging skills to offer clients as they look to prepare their homes for listing. We spoke with her about staging to find out how it could help with the sale of homes.


Question: What is staging?

Answer: Staging is preparing a home for sale based on appearance.
Question: What do you do when you stage a property?

Answer: When I stage a property I look at what is already available in the home. I recommend sellers to organize and de-clutter, and clean.  Then I position furniture to create the best flow for the room, sometimes this requires moving some furniture out of the room. I try and make the property appealing for potential buyers coming into the home.  


Question: How might staging help me sell my home?  

Answer: Staging helps sell the home because it shows the property at its best!



Question: What rooms would you recommend that I have staged? 
Answer: I would recommend staging family rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms and you want to be sure you don’t forget about the exterior, curb appeal is what will bring the buyers in.

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