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John FitzChicken’s Interactive Trail of Chicken Wings in Oswego, NY

Are you a chicken wing fan?

What are your favorite Chicken Wings in Oswego, NY?


Check out John FitzChicken’s

Interactive Chicken Wing Trail


Chicken Wings in Oswego

John FitzChicken’s Interactive Chicken Wing Trail highlights all of the great places you can get chicken wings in Oswego, NY!

 Zoom in or out, and pan around the map to find places marked on the map. By clicking on a marked point, you will bring up the businesses address, a short description, and a web address.

You can even open this up on your phone and use it while walking around town, maybe even when you are sampling Oswego’s variety of chicken wings!

By clicking the icon in the top right corner of the map shown on this page to be brought to a full screen version.


Do you have any suggestions for places we should add to this interactive map? Let us know!