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Pick the Proper Paint for Your Home

Don’t Panic – Picking the Proper Paint is Easier Than You Think!

Many people paint the inside of their home in colors that reflect their individual personalities and tastes. However, these colors may not appeal to potential buyers.

Team Fitz has some tips for increasing the appeal of the inside of your home appealing to interested buyers. Here are some steps to pick the proper paint and prepare for painting your home.

  1. Do appropriate prep work before you begin painting.
    • Make sure that all holes or blemishes in the wall are patched and smoothed out.
    • Use painter’s tape to protect the trim. If you plan on painting the trim, do so separately.
    • Cover the floor and any other surface you would like to protect with drop cloths to prevent paint from dripping onto these surfaces and potentially staining them.
  2. Go neutral with the paint colors
    • Ivory, white, and pale beige colors reflect and amplify both natural and artificial light, helping to make the room feel both bigger and brighter.
    • These colors won’t clash with the furniture that the buyer already has. This allows the buyer to better envision their belongings in the space.