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Oswego Dragon Boat Club Announces Inaugural Season

Oswego Dragon Boat Club

Oswego Dragon Boat Club

After the success of the Oswego Dragon Festival this past 3 years, the Oswego Dragon Boat Club will give our community the opportunity to dragon boat all summer long!

In it’s inaugural year, the Oswego Dragon Boat Club (ODBC) will purchase a 40 foot dragon boat, life vests, paddles. Coaches will also be trained in dragon boat safety as well as how to work with a team of paddlers.


Dragon Boating Gains Popularity in the United States

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating Gains Popularity in the United States

Dragon boating

The 2014 Oswego Dragon Festival logo, created by SUNY Oswego Graduate

What began as an ancient Chinese tradition over 2,000 years ago has become a widespread phenomenon across North America and the world. Dragon Boating is more popular now in the United States than it ever has been before. That is mostly due to groups and businesses like 22 Dragons, who help create community events centered around the popular sport.

Dragon boating has become popular for many reasons. It’s thrilling for participants to fly across the water in a boat, paddling in unison with 20 other people.  However, there is one main reason why dragon boating has the appeal it does. It is a sport that anyone can participate in! (more…)