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Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

The beauty and relaxation that your garden can provide you and your family is certainly worth all the work you put in each year.  Putting in _0001_Christine_TombolilloHeadshota little extra work at the end of the season, however, can make getting your garden ready next spring easier and can help keep your plants healthy through the winter months.  Our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson has a few great tips that will get your garden ready to handle the cold and snow.


Clean Up

Though not a favorite task of any gardener, it is a very necessary step to getting your garden ready for winter.  Remove your annuals, empty and store any pots and containers, and give your garden one last mow.  Also, raking up all those leaves is one chore all homeowners are familiar with each autumn, but they do make great mulch for your perennials and vegetable garden, and are also a great addition to your compost. (more…)

Patio Decor Ideas with Christine

Today we are talking about making a great outdoor living space with our Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson, Christine Tombolillo. Her patio decor ideas, tips, and tricks will turn any outdoor space (porch, deck, etc.) into a wonderful retreat.Christine_TombolilloHeadshot-mini


A patio offers a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors while still getting a sense of home.  Believe it or not, the decor that you choose for the patio is just as important as that which you choose for the interior of your home.  Granted, you will be spending more time indoors than out, but you cannot make a cake without decorating it with icing.  Think of your patio as the icing on the cake and, as such, you have to put a lot of thought into the finishing touches.