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Oswego Renaissance Association accepting Pre-Applications for Challenge Block Grants.


The Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) is excepting Pre-Applications for their “Challenge Block Grants”. These are $100.00-$1000.00 matching grants per homeowner to clusters of homeowners for exterior renovations in targeted neighborhoods throughout the city of Oswego.

To see if your home qualifies visit their webpage; www.oswegonyonline.com and look at the map of the targeted neighborhoods. If your home falls in or very close (within a block or two) you need to enlist a minimum of 4 of your neighbors to participate and fill out a simple Pre-Application Form. Once you submit your neighborhood Pre-Application and it is reviewed you will receive a more detailed Application. This Application will require more coordination with your participating neighbors. Once it is filled out and submitted it will be review by an independent review panel and the winners will be announced.


The Oswego Renaissance Association Works to Give Areas of Oswego New Life



(Video and photographs by Luann Knight Photography) 

Neighborhood revitalization and restoration is at the heart of what The Oswego Renaissance Association is all about. They have partnered with both private and public donors to help make projects such as the Franklin Park Clean Up happen.

“Oswego is a city that is in a gradual process of renewal. You can see it if you know where to look,” said Paul Stewart, Director of the Board of the ORA. He sites the façade improvements of buildings downtown and the restoration of the Woodruff building and Stevedore Lofts as examples of how Oswego residents, businesses, and organizations are working to give Oswego new life through restoration.